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Cris Queiroz is a Brazilian photographer living in Paris for over 30 years.
He studied journalism and cinema and is a card carrying member of French Press since 1980.
He started working in Gamma photograph Agency as a laboratory assistant, then as a photographer.
In 1980, he creates the Press Agency “Agence Presse Image”. Then, he left if to work as a freelance
His photo reports have been financed by press groups and international organizations.
He produced his photo reports in South America, Europe and North Africa.

In 2000, he creates a publishing house “C.R.I.S. Editions” to publish and to hand out his work. Now,
his photos are distributed in advertising campaign, internet, industry and insurance, etc…

Expositions in Paris :

  • Grand Palais (1982)
  • Centre Georges Pompidou (1983)
  • FNAC (1987)
  • Cinema MK2 of National Library of Paris
  • François Mitterrand Library (2005)

Show room of ASSUR AZUR Group at the Palais des Congrès (2009)

In 2005, he participates in Rio Loco Festival that took place during the Year of Brazil in France by
showing his photos at the Community Arts Centre of Jemmapes in Paris, as well as in Toulouse,
Marseille and Nice.

In 2010, he shows his photos within an exposition about South America in Dreux.

Expositions in Brazil :

  • National Museum of Arts (Rio de Janeiro 2002)
  • MASP – Museum of Arts (Sao Paulo 2003)
  • Palace of Arts (Belo Horizonte 2004)
  • Cultural space of Justice Court (Goiania 2010)
  • Manuel Bandeira Gallery (Academia Brasileira de Letras de Rio de Janeiro 2011)

His photos have been shown also in galleries in France and in Brazil.